Work Space #21 – Oh Whimsy

Oh whimsy! ~ this work space feels like it has jumped out straight from an adventure book.  The colors and the quirky details here and there bring to mind Alice in Wonderland for some reason I can’t quite tell.  I like the large jars in varying tints although I can’t relate with the pictures of fish, bugs, and sea life, and the scissors on the walls.  The faded wall no doubt is what gives this space so much character, and I love how abundant light shines in from that big window with a promising view of a green world outside!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-oh-whimsy

Photo: johanna-vintage

Work Space #20 – Cozy Class

I am swooning over this work space at this moment! The black wall decorated with photos hanging on tiny clothes pins, the twig, small greens in white pots, a fuzzy chair, light wood floors, and that soft, warm light coming through the big windows.  Cozy class – nothing too loud or distracting.  This corner is perfect for writing thoughts on paper or blog. A cup of coffee would be nice too!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-cozy-class

Found via: Inspireseudia

Work Space #19 – Uncomplicated Mod

No fancy things here – a simple table, a simple chair, a few artworks on the wall, pens in a mug, a computer – and you have a nice, functional work space by large glass windows on one corner of your apartment.  You can never go wrong with a plain, white wall and wooden floors.  Uncomplicated mod – this is the perfect example that having a small budget is no excuse for an unsightly room!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-uncomplicated mod

Photo:  Line Klein for Elle Decoration DK via DecorEnvy

Work Space #18 – Green Space

The walls are definitely not green but this work space will make you feel closer to nature with the partly glass ceiling offering generous sunlight, and verdant green plants in multi-shaped containers.  I love the light-colored brick flooring, and the openness of this room with only a divider to keep you from seeing the other area.  I can imagine placing a fiddle leaf fig tree or any large-leaf tree on one corner.  To have even a small green space like this as a home office would be so wonderful!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-green space

Photo: North Magnetic Pole via SeventeesLover

Work Space #17 – Shared Office

Jeanetta Gonzales and Brian Saldivar are passionate graphic designers based in LA, and this is their shared office at The Unique Space {love the brick wall and high ceiling}. Both of them have a love for the arts but each has their own style and tastes, and this individuality stands out from how they fill up their own work spaces.  Read this article {interview + studio tour} by Bethany Nauert at Apartment Therapy, and get a closer look at all the creative details in every side and corner of this shared studio space.

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-shared office
Photo: Apartment Therapy

Inspiring Work Space #15 – Retro Charm

This work space has that classy retro charm – the natural color of the solid wood table, that metal chair in orange rust, the antique electric fan, the industrial table lamp, and that funky oval mirror!  I would have loved to see a rug on that floor, and a plain, untextured wall but everything else is charming!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-retro charmPhoto: The Larc

Work Space #14 – Rustic Industrial

What a fun and winsome corner that combines metal and wood elements in one space! Love the varying shades of green and orange, and the presence of pretty paper here and there.  It’s not difficult to guess that this rustic industrial work space must belong to a creative individual – someone who finds delight in making charming things by hand – paper craft, perhaps?

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-Rustic Industrial
Photo: VT Wonen

Work Space #13 – Craft Room

This craft room allows plenty of natural light in and space for movement. It is one of the rooms featured on VT Wonen‘s {Dutch magazine} styling ideas with the theme “Living with Children”.  The cabinets provide lots of compartments for keeping clutter out of sight.  When you are creative and you love making things, especially if you have kids, you can never have too many storage.  And surely, one can’t miss that element of fun and creativity on the walls, minus unsightly clutter.

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-craft room
Styling: Cleo Scheulderman
Photo: Alexander van Berge
Found via: Emma’s Blogg

Work Space #12 – Metal Wall Decor

In this work space, that square fence panel definitely steals the spotlight.  Used as a metal wall decor slash wall hanging for printed art and stuff.  Perfect if you’re renting in a place where drills on walls are not allowed.  And take a look at that wicker basket for the center table blooms – really nice!

inspiringinteriordesign-work space-metal wall decor

Found on: MyScandinavianHome via Acoustic-garden

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